Dunes Of Gold

The camels of the desert
Travel wide miles and long years,
Across the mysteries of the sand,
Led by their mighty wishes,
To conquer the shaky maze
Underneath their feet.

Like camels, people crave to taste
The nectar of luxuriant oases,
Hooked by the visions of heat
Going for, getting tired,
In the crusades they undertake.

Foreign lands become well known,
But the dry air intoxicates their lives.
They might've found shiny stones
Hidden in the sand,
Great companions,
The elixir of the stars
But haven't ever asked:
"Where is in fact, Home? "

Home is so close,
If only we'd stop and see,
Unaltered by the heat,
Bored by the tall pyramids,
No more dreaming of
The Dunes of Gold.

When Sahara is left,
Sahaja (Samadhi) points the place we never left.

by Ayni Poet

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