Poem By Naomi Martin

Sometimes I dream about what it's like
When I'll have no air in my lungs
When I won't have to deal with this treacherous world anymore
I don't get the sparkle in my eye;
No excited butterflies in my stomach...
Just numbness; it has gotten so bad
I don't even think I want to be happy

Some people say I'm not looking hard enough for something good
But, I say, I've looked for way too long
Also, some say that life is a gift
But, if you open up your mind
You'll see it's just a curse
Most days I dream about

Comments about Dreams

I see depression rearing its ugly head. Whatever the situation, one must not loose sight of the fact that Faith keeps those that keep the Faith. A well articulated piece nicely penned. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
lines tortured by distress.. anguish.. Life is so hard to accept.. But Poetry -in some way and to some extent- can fill the hollowness of life... as a poet you have not a hollow life..

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