'Why I Do What I Do'

"Why I Do What I Do"

They are a few reasons why
I do what I do,
I only have one life to live
so I live as I choose,
I know if I were to fall,
they'd be some that would judge me,
instead of offering me a hand
they would first try to mug me,
I know if I came to you
and mentioned I was in dire need,
you would say you couldn't help me
then talk about me when I leave,
that is why I work diligently
to keep my bankroll intact
so I won't have to ask you
then have you talk behind my back,
I don't like negativity
that is why I travel alone,
I don't follow trendsetters
I make a path of my own,
to avoid drama and jealousy
I mingle with the averages,
to stay free of gossip
I stay the hell away from scavengers,
and why you'll never see me ride with the devil
because I only trust God as my passenger.

by Bernard Snyder

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