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****during My Paralyzing Memories******
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****during My Paralyzing Memories******

Poem By Mary Wismer

Asleep in tears
in my tears again awoken
Have the same question
Two million times thought
I've twisted and turned me
in the same damned problem

for you it is finished.
Cannot sleep cannot eat

I cannot understand
you've forgotten me.
During my Paralyzing memories
Have fear of the evening
I dawns before the night

Since then always ask the same
keeps me awake why are you not there?
If you love me
why you bring me to sleep?

If you love me
why you steal my character?
If you love me
tell me what makes me
in love

then what is hateful?
Thousand times your chosen number
Open a thousand times and again
The whole shit eh never told

Who understands like the way you do
Exactly the condition the
All the other stress
I cannot drink so much
that I can forget you.
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love resounds in vale of tears heart seems to wrest being lone, quite heart felt
what a heartfelt love story! ! ! Stunning...10