KML (April 3,1910 / Sacramento, CA)


she lays on the beach, alone.
the setting sun casting an eerie glow.
she wonders why she is here,
she can’t remember,
but it must be important.

rolling over to her stomach,
the girl’s gaze falls on the water nearby.
peering at it, she notices something odd…

growing cold, she realizes what it is.
the water seems like it’s wrong, and luminescent.
even the color is off, an unnatural pearl.

as she reaches, hesitantly, to touch it,
she remembers—
she is here to die.

but with her last ounce of strength,
an uncontrollable urge
begs that she touch the water.

thick and warm,
like blood.
it repulses her.

as soon as she touches it, she’s aware.
this water is what kills her.

she gasps,
a tear falls.
she sees, as her life fades—
this isn’t what she wanted.

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