Dusks Mysterious Artistry

Inspired by Munir E. Nassar

What mysterious wonders,
await one viewing a setting sun;
when in a peace-filled moment not to last,
opens that window one;
far into which a journey past,
remembers in time there is begun;
the sacred beginnings and farewells,
in the endings of lives,
lived willingly on this earth;
yet their truth is not truly won.

In the dusk of each day,
rest the youthful brides of light;
alone in the time of day's last gasp,
awaiting that play of evening's dark;
alive in thoughts of each one's emotion,
for turning back the sands of time;
to the one place where, in peace of youth,
all beings stood together in this life.

The euphoria experienced by each,
in the dusks slow curtain fall;
tells a story of life's gifts,
passed on to us in the awe,
of our souls realizations in,
the finite space in our time;
of which nature now broken,
seeks its next cosmic dimension to find.

All drawn now, together at dusk,
into that one heart of light;
to fill in the truth and purity,
of each souls true beauty;
inspired by the artistry,
in the ending of days thoughts;
and in this time of mistrust,
in each other seek a deep,
and compassionate quest for peace;
in all of humankind.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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