A Metaphor Of Shared Joy

two little girls
sharing a red lollipop

as the little girl with a
kinky hair
licks the top
the other girl with
two dimples

inside my mind
i laugh thinking dirty


Comments (2)

Ray if you can see the many dusts that float in a life time you would be going round in circles. This is a well crafted poem and to me it seems to come from the depth of your soul. cheers Sylvie/ I have written a poem also called Dust check it out when you get time.
If this refers to the After life Ray! I am a very impatient woman myself, and I wait for nothing in life. I grab it, and hold tight very hard, for someone with weak wrists! that is quite clever really. I don't believe in the after life, it is just another one to me. Grinning in the here and now! 10 from Tai