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Poem By Jon Lloyd

Staring at the earth
From the top of a tree -
It is countless vile bodies
Ripped at the seams.
It is umpteen million lifetimes
Ignited then burned
For it's dust that we all come from
And to dust we shall return.

What does it matter
If I feel down today?
If I believe the Bible,
Then I might just blow away.
If I believe my mother,
Then she loves me very much -
But how can you love something
That crumbles at the touch?

Staring at the sand
By the side of the sea -
These countless tiny particles
Might soon be me.
We are umpteen million granules
Tossed and then turned,
For it's dust that we have come from
So to dust we must return.

Consciousness shattered -
Or is it? I ask.
Time alone reveals
Both my future and my past.
But now these limbs are nothing
And consciousness prevails.
So this is what it's like
When your body finally fails.

Staring at the place
My sympathies held sway -
Like countless rotten apples,
Mankind will decay
In umpteen rotten cultures
Where hate and greed prevails.
Material thinking lowlife live
each one in private jails.

©2005 Jon Lloyd

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Comments (8)

I love this...it awakens so many emotions!
Wow. Powerful and almost taunting at the same time as humbling. I really loved this one....
That was so deep, I've never heard of life and death being thought of like that.
Your words are beautifully phrased. A very poetic way to describe death and there after. It made me sad, yet I enjoyed reading it.
JL taking into account i am very very new to the site, i just wanted to say, that this is by far the most powerful poem i have read... x A x