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Dust Bowl Memories
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Dust Bowl Memories

Poem By Marilyn Lott

It was caused because of severe drought
In certain areas of the United States
Houses were in jeopardy of course
And through years they met their fate

For dust filled the attics of these homes
Causing them to simply collapse
Parts of Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma
Are three of the states on the map

The dust storms were a nightmare
In the 1930’s up until the year of 1941
They are called the Dust Bowl days
An almost impossible life for some

Modern technology and improved conservation
Better control of the wind erosion
During times when there is less rainfall
Helps ward off this terrible dust explosion

It was a difficult time for folks back then
Not always enough food on the table
Makes us realize how good we have it now
Let’s give thanks for a life that is stable!

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I'm fascinated by those WPA photos of houses almost completely covered in layers of dust. I think of that description in Grapes of Wrath in which the house the Joads have abandoned to the elements lies open with the wind whipping through and quickly covering everything with a patina of dust. I hear that something similar is happening today in parts of dought-striken China. Excellent poetic description. Good poem.