BB (03/02/93 / Surrey, England)

Dust Dances

Dust dances over a thousand memories
memories I clung to with every tragic effort
and the ones I boxed up somewhere at the back of my mind
memories lost and memories won

Every last piece of evidence that I ever loved you
those blissful days as if stolen from a wild dream
all frozen in photographs now
like watching it all from far away
through eyes that aren't my own

As if it isn't me and you at all
two strangers staring up at me
unaware I'm watching from another time
we looked so happy

I fed on those memories for years and years
clinging to them with all of my energy
I wasn't prepared to face that I've lost you
but today something changed
the connection we once had is finally gone
and I'm ready to let go

And I'm walking across the room now, I open a drawer
the matches are in my shaking hands now
its for the best I whisper to my self
delaying it any longer isn't an option any more

a warm orange light dances over our memories now
I can hardly believe what I am doing
and I'm dropping the match quickly while my eyes fill with tears,
my nostrils fill with smoke

Heat pounds against my cheeks stained with tears
as I watch the evidence that you've left burn
and again I'm watching the two strangers smile and laugh
unaware their futures were just thrown into flames
it's only fading memories now, you and me
no more arguing about whether it was meant to be

You never entered my life, you never left
and you never broke my heart
pretending should be easier now
I can fix that smile you gave me on my face
and even I wouldn't know I was screaming at you inside

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