TJ (17th June 1958 / England)

Dust Dances

Dust dances but on borrowed time
To some unfathomable, divine design
‘In his image’, we are told, ‘a trinity’:
Body, soul and spirit: me.

A thin-skinned, sensory mobile-home
With stature and features all of its own
Mind and emotions – to think and to feel
But the spirit alone, he sits at the wheel
(Until body and soul – both are spent
when spirit lives yet to pay God’s rent)

Woman, we learn, was drawn out of man
Re-uniting the two is God’s precious plan
Alone neither party can hope to fulfil
His (or her) true potential, despite force of will

So just how might love seek to intercede?
And what the conditions for it to succeed?
Two bodies, two souls, two spirits: all six
Can there be such a thing as the perfect mix?

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Questions asked here at the end are I should think asked by all lovers, over countless ages - and the mystery still remains to us dust clouds, but wisely suggested is to consider the spirit, which is the 'us' which goes back to God, after being experienced in conjunction with the other two parts of our 'trinity' - and this is the thrill which gives the future so much attraction. We will all, in that day, know, and be known. Wonderful poem.