(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Dust Devil Show

Did you ever see a Dust Devil?
They swirl and twirl and snatch
Anything that gets in their way
A dangerous situation they hatch

They have to live in dry areas
Wet and cold climate they don’t love
It has to be just exactly right
They need warmer temperatures above

Can you imagine in the open plains
Where an old homestead resides
A dust devil comes whirling by
And there is no place to hide

So damage is certainly done
But they’re fascinating to see
I saw one myself a couple years ago
Though it didn’t get too close to me

This Dust Devil grabbed the dirt
And anything else it could find
I watched the thing with excitement
It was all that was on my mind

So maybe some day you’ll get to see
A Dust Devil where you might go
It’s nature’s way of telling us
It has many tricks it loves to show!

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