- Dust: : Humour

The ship in a bottle brought back from Bristol
The vase filled with flowers made of finest crystal
Wedding photographs of children proudly displayed
Souvenirs of wood and iron, some made of green jade

They may look very innocent sitting quietly on the shelves
But you didn't know that they just cannot help themselves
Just as a dog will roll in an object too disgusting to contemplate
These inanimate beings also cannot wait

To cover themselves completely in a film so very fine
Of dust, oh and don't forget those many bottles of wine
And don't forget the CD's, the videos and books
As well as the strange sculptures full of crannies and nooks

Who would have thought such pretty things could chain us to a rag
A rare few may enjoy dusting but I think it is a drag
It wouldn't be so bad that if when you finished, this was the end
But you know that come next week, it starts all over again

(Sydney, Australia - 2005)

by Alessandra Liverani

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