Dust To Dust

Poem By David Wilson

In my heart theres a dream
that all things were good
that there was no poor, there was no hood
there was no crime escalation
no racial descrimination
no pride that kills that unsuspecting passerby
no gun that fills a mans eyes
so that trigger pulls and brings cold cries
i dream that one day, Dust to Dust

But this dream would be considered a miracle
which is why i have a talent, skill that is lyrical
or is it poetic?
Who knows its rythm with words of meaning
it stands those up who've been leaning
and gives there lives new capability
it brings them from the edge of suicide
and then its for my cause that they ride
they have the same dream
And work the same goal
so that one day they can have a peaceful soul

Comments about Dust To Dust

it touched my heart chords and filled me with renuewed hope......thankyou for this write.......

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