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Dust To Dust

Dust To Dust

Poem By Chime Hilary Uchenna

death 1

if one can capture death
and have it arraigned in the court of peoples heart
who will be its defendant?
as everyone else, a witness

who will plea its case?
and convince the eternal judge
and victims of all sorts...
how right it was to have snatched life from...

a sleeping day old and his weaken labouredly mother
rich and the poverty stricken
priests and even the most hated robbers…
death, how right are you?

death 11

life itself is transitional
with solace in mysteries...
and horizon of clear consciences
what other amoury is greater?

death, another passage
unveils a greater future
without which all remains same
...an exit of sorts, invites another

death still knocks
each seconds, an invite
greater faith in god
love; good deeds, sets us free..


dusts to dusts
what we had owed the flesh, we have returned
debtors; creditors at par
...trailing the travail of souls

dotted dots, crosscheck…
in minds scale all deeds, laid
mirroring the goods and evils alike
swinging pendulum, who wins?

dotted dots, in-between
souls that was touched tell tales
warp and weft of our lives tapestry
as, each moment counts our deeds against us.

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