(a) 18 (Love/Passion) Untie The Knot

Untie the knot for me
of your deep inner secrets....
Give me the key
of your inner fantasies
where u have been drowning....
Let me swim in the sea
of your dreams, desires and longings....
Let me unravel the mysteries
of your mind
thats made you blind
thats been raging in you
tormenting you
spending you
lusting in you
bursting in you.
touch me
and feel the peace
walk into your soul....
The storm will cease.
Feel the calm
like a balm.
Stop searching
and yearning.
Feel my aura...
Embrace it
If you hug me close
you can share it....

by Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

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this poems conveys a superdooper attitude, and I won't either let go of my dreams!