PR (08-01-1948 / Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India)

Dusting The Lust In Love And Rust In Life

Dusting the lust in love and life
What a miss really in life
I am loosing the sheen of the teens
and entering into another adolescent decade
where I am caught incessantly for one reason or other

Till yesterday I was a child in my parents eyes
and they were continuously doubting to caution me I suppose
Now as I seemed to be a grown up adult morals meet my memories scroll
and every step I put on is watched by anxious & vigilant eyes

The charm I feel is lost and the warmth gets slowly diluted
Exactly a year before I am the prince of my youth
and now my castles on the strands of sands shake at every minute quake
Am I already lost the sheen of the teenage scene?

Love now may catch the lust termed by elders as just a dust
and life may swing to the tunes of the songs of the newly arrived spring
At the age of setting sun at the Western Ghats
My desires and hopes having been dried move to oblivion in seconds

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