Dusty Book

There's a girl I saw outside
Small and dark with pretty eyes
Thin and ragged as she look
Yet she is bringing a dusty book

While she was walking along the street
A group of boys makes fun of her
Her shallow eyes so sensitive
Begins to dropp a tear within

I tried to help but she refuse
She told me that I am no good
I ask her why she said that so
But silence was her reply at all

I follow them the group of boys
And in the trash there laid her book
I picked it up and I was surprise
The girl's book is mine!

Then suddenly I rose awake
It was just a weird dream
The little girl is not real
But the dusty book was there!

I get the book and clean the dust
I hold the book and held it fast
Then I promise myself to give care to it
And never let it get lost.

by Kristil Abi Andoy

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