(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Dutch Windmills

I think windmills are fascinating
They date back for centuries
The Dutch, you know, used them
There are postcards for you to see

There’s a picture of the Dutch boy and girl
Just as adorable as they could be
Windmills weren’t as simple as you’d think
They were designed very intricately

The parts had to work together
Every piece has to do its duty
Much as it is with a delicate clock
Yes, they were quite a specialty

In the days so long ago when
Communication was very restricted
The ‘miller’ would set up the windmill
So messages were created

The wings of the windmills were used
To make this all take place
What a different world it was
None of it could be done in haste

I enjoy learning all about
The windmills used by the Dutch
Imagine how beautiful they were
In the early morning hush!

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