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Duties, Regrets, And Big Upsets
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Duties, Regrets, And Big Upsets

Detrimental to life hardly... its not the end
but after so much regret and pain.. is this life worth it to mend
sit it out and wait
i feel like such things will not abate
this doom this end this death! mental, physical, or spiritual, death is death
Yet i am supposed to hope i breathe not life's last breath
nay i say to you
and i hope one day you may say it too
necessary to follow this job and complete said task
100% mandatory, why do you even need to ask
... maybe because some things are too much
and this thing is such
do you expect me to kill myself in one way
and life in others until i am dead in all
its rife now its rife pain, and ambivalence too plenty of that go away
cant you hear the tone the equivalence of death... maddening how i talk after i fall
maddening too... can you hear it inside your head
well i can... this is no chide... this is no call this isn't a game i feel dead
not yet not yet i hate my job this is no task this is living like a zombie
nay worse like one who is wounded unable to die or to heal! why? !
how...get me out now i regret it all get away no...strike me now! !
it must end these wounds cannot mend
yet wait do i see just a ray
is it possible that all goodness, all kindness, and all light haven't gone away
tis this a sign? tis this a ray of evil... nay tis a ray..... a ray
of hope

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Hello David This poem is very poignant. Life is a tunnel we must pass through - not bang our head against. Kind regards Aine