Poem By Derek Germain

I wither
into nothing
like a Burnt Spider.

I shatter
and Turn into dust...
the wind blows all of what remains.

My dreams
Turn into nightmare's.
And Angel's become Demon's.

I Drown
Inside my Flooded City
of Broken Dreams
And Lost Hopes.

I Die
Everyday of my Life
A little more
Every Moment....

Comments about Dying

Angels become demons, well, they would have to have been fallen angels for sure. Another poem of darkness, like falling into a deep hole and can't get out. Could this be a form of depression, I wonder. Interesting poem--Melvina

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What am I? I am but a dreamer.
A fool. Can't you see?
All day caught in a reverie, all night caught in a dream.
Everything seems so surreal.

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Death is near.
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every corner.
Death is near, soon I will be buried under the frozen Ground.

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I walked
Darkened Path.

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Break my heart.
Push me down.
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