Dying Away With You

I talk to no-one but bones and my echoes
I need you to console me please

You've listened to my cries beyond the grave
I'm lost in this world without you
Bruising my knees in grievance
Cut with a knife with your blade
Why did you have to leave me?
Cursing me is the absence of your presence
So comfort me please.

I hear your distant voice in my mind
Fading away as I realized you were ripped away from my life
I dream to hear your sweetest, voice and feel you're warmest enfold
I'm tired to be woken up by my sobbing
Can you hold me please?

I lived for one reason and that reason was you
Nothing seems to matter anymore
Wind blowing, in hope it's you
Returning to me in spirit
I search for you but you neglect me
Impairing me now then you know
Take me with you please.

by Rachel Aurelien

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