Dying Embers

Poem By Jolanta Gradowicz

I’m forgetting your face and your smile,
I try to recall the shape of your eyes.
You appear in my mind for a while,
But you fade away, everything dies.

I’m forgetting the tone of your voice
And the way you said to me “Hello! ”
Come to feel what I feel, and to rejoice,
And renew all that happened years ago.

So, don’t delay, come to me here now
With the setting sun, or a starry night,
With a dropp of rain caressing my brow,
With the wind, or the still, falling twilight.

Don’t let lonely days separate us. Arrive
To kindle a fire in my heart anew,
I’ll bend over dying embers to revive
The fading flame and my memories of you...

Comments about Dying Embers

They say, 'out of sight, out of mind.' How true. Absence can make the heart grow fonder, and the memory dimmer. I like this poem! I give you 10!
This is lovely, Yolanta. Great ABAB rhyming, and beautiful emotive language... Oh! The longing for a love lost... how inspired the muses become with this sad emotion! I enjoyed this very much... especially the final two lines... 'I'll bend over dying embers to revive / the fading flame and my memories of you...' This is a beautiful metaphor. Sunshine from South Africa, Lana

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