Dying Heart

I'm lost.
Inside my head.
I unravel.
Weak and vulnerable.
Under-minded and underestimated.
I wither here,
In the shadows of everyones success.

I'm afraid.
Grasping at survival.
What a foolish game to play.
Losing faith.
Losing time.
Like water through my fingers.

I'm worried.
Crying useless tears.
No one sees.
No one cares.
Just another dying heart
Hiding behind a smile.
I'm not the first to cry
And I won't be the last.

I'm just waiting.....
I'm waiting....
I'm waiting....

by Erica Gipson

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Comments (3)

Good poem, but too much into yourself. But who am I to talk? I do the same thing
just put limits to waiting..the trouble is..just when you go..the waited one will show up...that why, the phrase 'it's too late' was made
interesting Write