Dying Like A Tree

Poem By troy white

What's this evil i awoke too?
What gives you the right to come while i sleep?

You laid upon me a blanket of depression,
Covering my soul with sadness
And filling my eyes with tears.
Imprisoning me alone in my dark cell.

Why must you make me feel so empty?
I fear how much more i can take, am i going insane?

Feeling so hopeless i pray for death
To come for me, angry he never shows.
Boiling with hate knowing he's laughing.

Why is this happening to me?
When is it going to end?

Comments about Dying Like A Tree

'What's this evil i awoke to' Are you sure this poem isn't about my cat? (see 'Free Cat') Seriously, though, I found the language very moving and mysterious. I liked it. - chuck
Your peom is really touching.

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