My Rainbow Garden

I have a Rainbow Garden
For inside of it you’ll see
Every color you would find
What a rainbow ought to be

The blue is for Forget-me-knots
Yellow for Daffodils
Red is for my gladiolas
My flowers are such a thrill

Green creates the many leaves
Of my Rainbow Garden too
I get such peacefulness
I would love to show it to you

My roses, oh I have many
My palette of color shades
I must enjoy them daily
For the time for them will fade

So if you’re feeling weary
And you don’t know what to do
Plant flowers of all colors
And have a Rainbow Garden too!

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (5)

When love dies, it takes away a lot with it. Very nicely written.
my eyes are full of tears i cannot believe my eyes and ears reading your poetry loud makes me of being human proud
the dying love would be refresh when a new lease of breathe been reinstated.
Valerie a beautiful piece about what happens when a love isn't nurtured and kept fresh and vibrant I have been on the receiving end of that poem yet I never gave up on love Harry
Beautifully written, true love when only one reamins steadfast becomes painful indeed. But the thought of having loved someone is already remarkable though. Thanks