Dying Love

Poem By Vallerie Lobell

The lack of the pitter patter of my heart, that the mere thought of you brought on,
Now brings on shades of midnight blue, how can my love for you be gone,
Three little words once formed daily on my lips, would now catch in my throat,
It's slipping through my fingertips, I don't know why and I am losing hope,

I did not want this love to die, it is what I have cherished,
It was steadfast and strong, how can it have perished?
I don't want to feel this way like Death has visited once more,
Little chisels chipping at my heart, too much to be ignored,

All terms of endearment have gone from my speech,
If you promised the world, I could not be reached,
Loved you for years with not much in return, thought the flame would always burn,
Nothing could make me love you less, but it's now dying a slow death,

That last stretch of empty you left me with, must have taken quite a toll.
I guess I forgot but couldn't forgive, like the love I had, the lack I can't control.
I would bring the love back if I could, I never really loved before,
But as always between the two us, the dying love will hurt me more,

Comments about Dying Love

When love dies, it takes away a lot with it. Very nicely written.
my eyes are full of tears i cannot believe my eyes and ears reading your poetry loud makes me of being human proud
the dying love would be refresh when a new lease of breathe been reinstated.
Valerie a beautiful piece about what happens when a love isn't nurtured and kept fresh and vibrant I have been on the receiving end of that poem yet I never gave up on love Harry
Beautifully written, true love when only one reamins steadfast becomes painful indeed. But the thought of having loved someone is already remarkable though. Thanks

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