Dying Roses

Poem By crystal angel

Where are the roses I wanted?
They are trapped inside my heart shaped box,
along with with all the other broken dreams
sealed away by too many locks.

Where are the roses you promised me?
I thought I was special,
but I guess I was wrong
I am your secret, your toy, you doll
dress me up but leave me at home

Where are the roses you gave me?
they're lying on my grave
you've left them to rot
just like you left me

Where are the roses I once had?
they have been torn apart
just like you did to my now broken heart
where all that is left are the pieces
laying on the floor like dying roses.

Where are the roses that were forgotten?
They come to mind when I think of you
I see them clearly in my head,
and they remind me that we're through.

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