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Dying To Live
FIZ ( / Ekiti State, Nigeria)

Dying To Live

I will continue to live on
Without giving up to the moon
The ice is broken
The old tombs are filled with rickety worms
Painful odds of time are like block of stars

The old cranky time reminiscing the stars
are memories seasoned with gleeful tears,
like a babe dreaming of stairs.

The time keep on breaking the tears
and the odds of the past
seem like a dot of black on the future's sky
Yet, I will risk though hard to dream
I'll keep on dying,
Without giving up to the moon
For within me, I love to live.

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Comments (10)

I love to live - powerful line.. Thanks
A beautifully crafted poem. You are a poet sir.
Please read my poems, especially ' When I am gone' and 'Lagos: A city that never sleeps'. Thanks
Amazing, keep the fingers itchy to write more.
This guts is needed to survive, sustain and succeed ever in world life sure! Thanks for sharing you nice poem here!
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