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Dying Today
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Dying Today

I think I may be dying
My mind is numb
The numbness is spreading
There is a pressure around it;
it’s strapped around the center

Pouring rain, buckets and buckets of water
A crazy downpour
I am drenched
Thoroughly soaked, there is not much more left dry
Left for me

Today was bad
The heaviness was twice what it is now
Concentrating was very difficult
I couldn’t drive today; no, there was no way
I went to sleep (it was all I could do)
And I was pretty sure I wouldn’t wake up
No way out of this; nope, no way

Lying there, feeling it happen:
Two sides fighting, wrestling, a battle
A split
I could do absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing,
nothing, nothing, nothing
just watch, see what happens
(a 911 call would be useless)
The stakes were high
I woke up; it was if I had never slept at all
Too much stuff going on
No rest; no, no rest today

It’s here still; not as severe thank God
But it’s here nonetheless
Driving is still not a good idea
An iceberg,
Deep under the water; deep, deep, deep
Dragging everything down, down, down
It’s isolated, alone, barren
My thoughts are not there
They cannot survive this climate

The wind whistles
And I hear it
It is telling me something, it moans
I can hear it, even through the closed glass
“I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming…” it is telling me
It is telling me that I will die soon
(I hope I don’t go to hell)

If I die don’t be too sad
Don’t cry too much
(That would just make me feel bad)
I can’t rob you of a tear or two, though
You see,
I believe that this will all happen over and over again,
In different guises
“will the circle be unbroken? ”
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes: the circle will be unbroken
We’ll meet again,
All of us…every single one
I love you all and I will love you all the next time

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Comments (2)

Dying.... is an expression which is not easy to express by ordinary poets. You have done it so beautifully. The imageries are perfectly setting into that frame. You have done it. I hope you read the ones I had done on these theme. A perfect 10 for you here.
Hey Jennifer, Nice write...I enjoyed reading it...Death is for sure..Let's live every moment of our time as if there is no tomorrow...Keep up your good work! ! ! K.Poornima