IS (7/22/94 / idk)

Dying Without Hope

Today is another day
I stare at the horizon as it cries for help
I stared in wonder
The horizon cries
I look down
To find a puddle of blood upon the floor
I try to have joy in my soul
My soul breaks like a broken frame
I'm stuck within chains
They scream
They chuckle
They bleed
They rust in the embrace of blood
I'm walking slowly towards
The road that's dirty like dirty dishes
Bacteria devours me leaving nothing insight
I once had life
Now I'm just 'lost'
This world
It judges
It looses then laughs leaves nothing behind lifts me upon blood that leaves my soul like a pierced balloon
I look at the horizon
I see my dreams shattered like broken mirrors
The twilight is sad
The birds are in despair
Thunder screams
while clouds cry
Trees laugh
I moved slowly
A knife storm attacked
My Blood Exploded
Pouh! ! ! ! !
I am gone.....

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