Brains, Brains
They turn my chains
Round and round they go
My brain will evaporate
If I don’t concentrate

I explain to the teachers
That I can’t write speeches
But they don’t listen
So my eyes start to glisten,
And the tears fall down my cheeks

I put up a fight
Because I struggle to write
I get confused by reading
So I decide to some weeding
When I can’t think I go to the sink
And wash all my worries away.

by Annie Hobbins

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in case of dyslexia there's nothing wrong with your brain - it knows very well what to do; geting its orders right by the oder mechanisms is the main problem... Your brain makes decission right away, but your hand can't process it with the same spead; it makes numers of its own decissions in order to fallow the main one... But as you've said concentraiting really helps... Great write :)