! E N T H U S I A S M

I love the old Greek view –
within each of us
the god lies sleeping;
a sweet sleep, full of refreshment,

by Michael Shepherd Click to read full poem

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Yes, I really like this. I encourage enthusiasm whenever I can. I will reprint this poem on my Michael Shepherd lens: http: //www.squidoo.com/MichaelShepherd Cheers from another Michael Shepherd
The godly fire of enthusiasm - so well explained in this wonderful piece. May we who see this truth never put out that god-given fire, however long we live on earth. Thank you for penning this Michael.
nice write! enjoyed it
May that God, 'enthusiasm' never fail, nor his sibling 'inspiration'. Both are so well represented in your work. Thank you Michael.
How very, very interesting, I must think on that for awhile 'enthusiasm. the god within ' yes I'll sit and ponder. Enjoyed the read, truly enjoyed the read. Thankyou Michael.---Melvina---
a beautiful piece of poetry, well said, liked this one very much.
Michael this is a very reassuring notion - God is enthusiasm Yes I like it...and your poems which always remind me of what I know already, but in a distinctive, quirky metaphysical sort of way. Jerry calls me a bull at a gate - now I realise I'm just a bit of a God really... love, Allie xxxx
Michael, Your writing, is so very special.Powerful. I truly like this piece.
I love this. actually kinda reminds me of some of the stuff in Nietzche's 'Birth of Tragedy' on the greek mindset. Its very powerful and thunderous (if that isnt a word...... it is now) . thanks!
Dear Michael This is so well paced, and it holds a strength of positivity, it reminds me of the phoenix Thankyou for sharing your art Love duncan X
Mighty writing - makes us feel the might and power of enthusiasm which alas lies in deep sleep within so many, me often included. In you it seems to be wide awake. Kind regards Magda G.
Fabulous notion: God equals Enthusiasm. Sounds like an equation to me.
Yup... I can muster some for this... an erudite reminder of the existence and importance of joie de vivre.... enjoying this and rereading, M. t x
Very nicely done Michael...., and very positive...! ! ! Keep up the fine work....! ! ! Best, T.M..