E Pluribus Unum

Is it possible
To know love so soon
Or does it pass
Like the monsoon?

Right now this man
Next season another
But now I feel like
There is no other

He does everything the movies say
And then he does some more
He moves my spirit
And makes it soar

If he were to die
I wouldn't know how to cope
And he's not the type
To run off and elope

He does make mistakes
But has fantastic friends
I hope my love for him
Never ends!

It's hard to believe
But even Mom would approve
When I'm with him
There's no way I can lose!

The crazy thing is
I think he loves me, too
The way he looks at me
We make one out of two

With just one look
We understand each other
I'm not even afraid
To meet his mother

I could tell him my whole life
He's helped me so much
I wouldn't be nervous
To meet his warm touch

He knows so much about me
It's crazy to think
I'm so glad God realized
That we should meet

I think our love shines
Brighter than the sun
It's crazy to realize
Out of two, we make one

by Christina Kosemund

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