(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Living Poem

I can’t figure her out, really.
She’s like a living poem... the
times too numerous to recall when
I've just existed in a daze,
lost in her verse.

Each night, in that mist of time between
dreaming and waking, I lie in her arms,
a happy captive of her sweet ways...

I wonder who she is that can so easily have
me relaxed and aroused at the same time?

Does she read minds... she gently
cradles my heart in her hands,

I am the wink in your eye,
the whisper in your ear.

I am the shiver down your back,
the tremble in your voice.

I am the horizon in your heart,
the prize in your grasp.

I am the beginning of all smiles,
the end of all tears.

Breath to breath,
she holds me closer...
I know now, I know.

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