(e) You And I In Song

Play me, go on play me,
Play with me, play me baby,
Strike a chord and strum me lady,
Haven't got it on just lately.

I want to make you hum and whistle,
Make you sing, i know your gonna make me
Make me want to scream.
I want to hear you sigh,

Need to feel your high notes fly
So funk me go on funk me.
Gyrating slick hot loving moves
High decibels deep pulsing grooves

We synchronize our beats of two
Into one and you, you raunch it,
You're soaring dirty solo,
Sucks and blows me sweet away.

We jam and pitch it higher,
Raise the gospel roof,
I praise you like a hymn,
And dancing, you like to come when you dance.

And slowing down to a grinding smooch,
Clinging tight in deep soul song,
The sun, the moon, right through on
The day, the tender night.

Tripping in a trance now baby,
Whisper breathless to me lady,
Out of body, out of mind,
We're burning up now baby,

You and I, in song.

by Francis Curran

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