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In My Poetry Paint I The The Eyes Of Bhagabati
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

In My Poetry Paint I The The Eyes Of Bhagabati

Poem By Bijay Kant Dubey

One should not wear their religion on their arm
Nor use it to cause others mental or bodily harm.
If your religion is to glorify, worship and honor Him
Then do so; without corruption or sin.

Don't cajole or convince or get another to repent
The saving of souls not by a gift your God has sent.
By your charity, good deeds and other decent human acts
The people will know your God and that is a fact.

Just as God starts each day for us anew
So also your words, deeds and other actions; always be true.
The sun comes up always the same
Sometimes hazy and hidden but never on the wane.
The sunrise colors as a segment of God's glory
Seagulls, Pelicans and Osprey; also part of the story.

The feeding of birds seldom in flight
But only by the promise from the holy light.
The family of birds with a common cause
Feed their young and themselves; without breaking or enacting laws.

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