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Each Day I'Ll Be
DSH (In The Fifties! / Baden, PA)

Each Day I'Ll Be

Each Day I'll Be

By David S. Harkins

Each Day I'll BE, a good, good man,
By helping others across the land,
I'll BE on top of things for God,
And live the good life that others have trod.

I'll shine my light across the town,
And BE good all around,
I'll Be the one you wanted me to BE,
My dear Father come unto me.

And so for God, I'll take my stand,
I'll BE the man with God at hand,
I'll BE in the morning and I'll BE at night,
I'll carry on His work and not get uptight.

To BE or not to BE they say is the question of life,
May I BE the one that causes no strife,
As I am BEing and traveling through this life,
Oh Lord, give unto me a wonderful wife.

But if I must BE alone in that respect for the rest of my life,
May I BE the one to cut like a knife,
Cut through the lies and the deceit,
And Lord help me your enemies to defeat.

The End

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a wonderful poem of dedication and the desire to help all humanity come to Grace a fine poem