BK (25-08-1986 / Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

Each Love Story Doesn'T Have A Happy Ending! ! !

This is a story of a princess of rich kingdom,
And a brave soldier who was in love, very dumb.
One day he brought the feelings outside his hearty tomb,
Soon the princess was filled with rage like an atom bomb! ! !

He seeked the permission to prove his Love,
And let her know that she was her only Dove.
He promised to stand still outside her fort
for 100 days without breaking his nerve.

The princess was amused by his words! !
Daily from her glossy window,
she saw him follow his words.
Now she too started falling in love
with that person whom once she considered a nerd! !

She used to check him twice a day.
Now it was the 99th day,
She almost looked for him every hour that day.
Was impressed by him & thought of marrying him after the 100th day! !

But what she sees on the 100th day is out of the blue....
The soldier has gone without giving any news,
It was just the matter of 1 day,
after that he could have been her bridegroom! !
She searched for him wherever she knew...

She didn't marry anyone else,
And longed for him throught the life.
On the other side soldier was also lonely,
deserted at some far land, living his miserable life! ! !

Neither U can blame that Soldier nor his endless Love....
He could have stood there for seven lives longing for her Dove! ! !
He ran away from his love on the 100th day,
Because if the princess wouldn't have believed on his true love......

It would make him Die everyday...
Thinking, why he fell in love with a Stone Hearted someday! ! !

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Wha a wonderful portray of a love story. Well done n thanks for sharing. melvin