(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Each To Our Own Beliefs

Do you mind if I asked you a question,
About 'your' beliefs?

'What about my beliefs?

Do you prefer to be constantly reminded,
Of someone's suffering?
Or would you rather see them freed,
Of their pain and agony?

'I am a Christian.'

That's why I asked you that question.
I see you wear a crucifix.

'Oh, that?
That's just a symbol of my religious affiliation.'

Your beliefs,
A belief you maintain to sustain religiously,

'It is just a symbol.'

I get it.
A symbol of extreme and painful punishment,
Afflicted to have one suffer.
A belief you adorn to be constantly reminded of it.

'Not necessarily.
And you?
What are your beliefs? '

My beliefs don't keep me reminded of suffering,
That's for sure.
I'm into 'resurrections', revival...
And 'spiritual' growth that comprehends with understanding.
I'm not into contradictions.

'Each to our own beliefs.'

I agree.
You get no argument from me.

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