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Early (A Sonnet)

I died in sleep. Back now before the dawn,
Let's see if I can brave the winds of time
And be ennobled by my deeds —no pawn
Stuck fast in atavistic habits' slime.

The brew of life’s the same in a new cup!
What can I do today that I could not?
For starters, the world sleeps and I am up
To contemplate anew the drama’s plot.

A veteran of many wars of days,
I know my army’s strengths and how it fights.
Command your forces, will! Pass through that maze!
Do battle with the enemy on the heights!

Alas, more is required than I intend:
It’s with my own weaknesses I contend!

by Max Reif

Comments (5)

Dear Max, As a fellow sonneteer (that is, a composer of a scant six) I empathise with the arduosity of the adventure. My first one was written at the age of 21 and has been restructured numerous times since; the other five also. Thought the genre was a dead artform but having read yours I will strive to 'perfect' one myself then post at this site soon. Thanks for reminding me. Gregory
Hi Max, Think I will have to re-read this poem to get at the roots and squeeze out its essence. The best way to rate a poem's worth is to see how many times, the poem demands to be read. The best of poet and poems have been great coz they have been read again and again... I shall read this poem again and I am sure with every reading I shall have understood it a little more than what I did earlier...!
Wonderful poem Max :)
excellent assembly of words. Well done, Max
Congratulations, Max on such a good poem. I like it very much. I am afraid I have never yet succeded in writing a sonnet - came very close once...