(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Early Day Cowgirls

You know, women had to be tough
Way back in the old west
But some of them, oh my
They really put tough to the test

Dressed up like a man
Smokin’ that corn cob pipe
Or spittin’ tobacco like the best
They were definitely a different type

Some of them were not as rough
But they had to shoot a gun
Probably practiced their shooting
At the early morning sun

It’s kind of hard to imagine
Some of these gals from back then
Having little babies at all
And coddling like a mother hen

I know for sure that the bad guys
Wouldn’t want to make them mad
They look like they could plug ‘em
And really bring out the bad

But it sure is fun, isn’t it
To look at old cowgirl pictures
Be interesting to meet some of them
The personalities were quite a mixture!

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