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Early Morning

Forks are humming in hotel kitchens,
Kettles snort like a bull -
Dawn lifts lids like a magnet,
Shaking sockets with its pull

Though dreams be foggy and are distant
And the brain reels like a fish,
Eyes unfocused strain in shadow
Memory swirls with a squish

He turns and clicks on the TV,
A blank face stares in Madras black -
To a smile a change of colour
Sounds search crackles back on track

News of prayers begs God’s protection,
From the bombs his prophets spun;
Ambulance cries like a mother
Lamenting death of her only son

Never a step took feet to flee,
Not a thought for the powder keg;
But necks crane for a long last look
Nowhere seen was his wooden leg

In the jaws of hell he fell
And stared at himself in pieces hot,
While loonies count rewards with shell -
From Pandora's box dead worms plot

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This poem is alive and grabs my attention. Lovely.