(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Early Morning Peace

As I woke up early one morning
Before the sun came up
I made myself a pot of coffee
And poured a hot steaming cup

Walked outside with my cup in hand
Looked up at the darkened sky
Felt a sudden tug at my heart
And I wasn't sure just why

I felt such peacefulness inside
Felt the presence of God near by
My worries were dismissed right then
And there was a tear in my eye

I realized how important it was
To believe in God so strong
It gives me a firm direction
I always know where it is I belong

Nature is so close to God, don't you think?
That when I look around it astounds me
The flowers, the lakes, trees and birds
Heavenly creations surround me

But the mornings, if one's not hurried
With the fresh dew on the ground
Can find such peace and pleasure
As the birds peep their soft morning sound!

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