(July 19 1983 / )

Early Morning Smiles With Kisses

A very early good morning to you
my most beautiful and precious
sweet Angel dove I hope you slept well
and had the most beautiful dreams of you and me,
I pray you felt all of my warmth and love
as I sent all to you and in spirit held you so close.
I want you to know how much I love you and care
and to start your day I send you sweet smiles with kisses
to make everything bright and so you will know I am there.
Early morning smiles with kisses my dear
because you are my Angel and I'm reaching out
to snuggle with you.

On this early morning sweet dear feel
and remember that I'm forever by you,
hand in hand with support so loving and full
Kira I would never dream of leaving you.
So I send you these smiles so big
beaming with all the love that I hold
and I send these sweet kisses with huge hugs
to give you warmth filling your gorgeous
heart and soul with reassuring comfort and peace.
Good morning sweet love you are my one
and I will always give my Queen the best that I have.

So feel me there by you as I wrap you up tightly
and close your sweet eyes to see my loving smile,
you are a treasure and a diamond so rare and great
I treasure you completely and fully my sweetie
so very beautiful and I want to be with through all eternity.
Sweet smiles and kisses for sweet you on this morning
because I love you, adore you, and cherish you.
I both need and want you to know that
because to me you are the worlds beauty
and truly my everything.

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