PIH (17/09/1987 / )

Early Morning Treats

Sunrays disquiet your sweet slumber,
As you twist in bed, coiled in bedspread.
Your arms settle on my body
Perhaps, they were searching for me.
Wrinkling your nose, you turn to face me
Our cheeks caress, ever so gently.
Your stubble tickles me ample
As your eyes open with a twinkle.
You say, “Nice sunshine we got there
But it broke my dream - how unfair! ”
I say, “Honey, just lounge between the sheets
Close your eyes and go to sleep.”
You fall asleep and your face reflects peace.
And what do I get in lieu? –

Being able to endlessly gaze at you,
And enjoy my early morning treats!

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P.D., I've been waitin for someone like yourself to write out a fantasy I wish would come true. Thanx for sharing!
I really enjoyed this poem. ''Touching'', it brought a smile to my face! ! Thank You!
what a beautiful picture it brings to mind! keep it up!
gr8 poem...buddy! ! ! nice flow n yeah very romantic....luv ur style of writing....keep it up! ! ! !
whoa...amazing fantastic poem preets....really enjoyed the treats... keep it up! ! ! .....
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