(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Earned From Lessons Learned

I was not born to be dependent.
And used because of it.
I spent most of my life,
Being of assistance.
Since waiting for an exchange to be done...
Others resisted.
Or so it seemed.

I've laid on my back,
With several illnesses to recover.
And I can not recall,
Being pampered with love.
Or smothered by another.

So if it seems I am more direct than most.
It is not that I am unconcerned.
I've learned from my own experiences...
That my happiness depends on me.
And any success achieved by my efforts...
I know every bit of it has been deserved.
Every aspect has been blessed.
And all of it has been earned from lessons learned.

If there is any arrogance you may now detect...
You had not witnessed those obstacles I removed.
Nor those I regard now as fools.
As they chose to sling mud on my footsteps.

Am I still embittered by this?
Of course.

I am not that self involved to realize challenges remain.
And continue to exist.
Each one I meet and struggle to defeat...
Leaves me more humbled to reveal,
That side of me that can be tender and sweet.
After I've removed the sweat,
Underneath the armor!
That has protected me in battle.

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