(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Earning The Life I Live

While earning the life I live,
With a knowing what I wanted...
From the time I had been depicted,
As a strange and weird little kid...
I can imagine others spent their time,
Finding impressions to address them made.
And with an attention to get,
From those giving approval and to them gave.

While earning the life I live,
I endeared comments unforgotten...
About who did what to please my wants and needs.
As I sat with this done with them running to me.
And I enjoyed a 'lucky' life.
Because I did nothing else...
Being as 'smart' as I could be.
And I was free from doing chores or had responsibilities.

While earning the life I live,
I took steps early to explore to adventure the unknown.
And in places distant and away from relatives,
Or anyone I knew to adorn a military uniform.
With a facing of obstacles I had to prove I could remove.
To do to kiss boots and massage moody attitudes.

Earning the life I live,
With a making of mistakes made...
And surviving through broken relationships,
Gossip and innuendos spilling from critics' lips.
And confronting those wishing more my defeat,
As I witnessed to watch the doing of these misdeeds...
The earning the life I live kept me tolerant and patient.
Without rushing to knock out somebody's teeth.

While earning the life I live,
I know I've been blessed to stand on my own two feet.
And doing it to forgive those still evil.
Demons who 'assume' my dues were pre-paid for me.
And 'if' anyone should say this they did,
I'd like to know who they are and where they've been...
When my scars and wounds began to mend.

Earning the life I live to know it as is,
May have others opposing...
My peace of mind and happiness.
But while earning the life I live,
No one can say they have heard me complain.
Or lay blame on someone else to claim,
The benefits of experiences I've gained to maintain...
While earning the life I've been blessed to live.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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