(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Earphones (B.S. Killers)

It only takes a minute.
And less than that,
To have seconds pass.
With it done,
For anyone to calm down.
Finding their own comfort.
As long as they wish to have it last.
Away from busy bodies.
Stirring up their mix of conflict,
And ssshhh!

It takes a minute.
To calm down and be comforted.
When one determines to prioritize this.

Today few live,
Without nonsense to find it.
All around it is.
As if a fashionable fad to have.
That latest rage to crave.
And marketed to get whenever it is wished.
Making it available.
Who in their right mind,
Would attempt to avoid it.

The remedy is here.
To be among those crazed.
And not be dazed by it at all.

One has to wear earphones.
The bluetooth kind without the cord.
Blocking out the 'noise'.
Worn to wear even in one's home.
To keep from being annoyed,
And getting upset.
By others loving to feed,
On their portion of b.s.
Earphones to wear and get,
Will calm anyone down.
To find it found more peace and rest.
Killing all the b.s.
With it to block and stop it.
And without getting involved,
In nonsense started.

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