Paper For Memory

The light getting brighter
Over the
9th century memory
While phantoms attire

Their dark red robes.
Limp slowly and
Cave forms
On ashes.

Woes sink
Flutter waves at the hell's gate
To sort the grim.

In Tang Dynasty
I was the one who
Faded the light and rescued
Dry silences
On rice paper.

(The player moves slowly his hands and let the water freezes the notes.)

Who might stand behind the haze?
At the time the day dyeing

Who incises on the wind
The ink?

I born that day with stars over my right shoulder
Calligraphers go deeper into the light's memory
To find me.

This is the end
This is the end
My friend.

O spells that hold faith
Unreachable Sutra
And catch on its fly
Over the Mongolian Empire


This is the end.
This is the end
My friend

Rain blesses stones
Lay on the river

Cymbals speak the omen tongue
Full of fire

Convulsive trance
Alters the ink

Paper words
Consume fresh flesh.
Ultimate verses

This is the end.
This is the temporary end
My friend.

by Roland Bastien

Comments (1)

Earth is slumbering still in it's winter clothes. This poem is beautifully and interestingly drafted. The thrust for new life in this winter is seen with new hope. An amazing brilliant poem is very well drafted...10