Earth Bound Angel # 8/ Wounded Bird

Another fallen angel
a wounded bird
mistakenly fallen
at my door
I have no healing powers
no words of comfort
my caresses & kisses
only burn your flesh my love
leaving more scars
upon your skin
I carry a satchel
stuffed with bits & pieces
of sad stories & tales
some of them second-hand
after leaving my care
your wounds will be deeper still
& you my love may never recover
as my pen spews bile
& contempt
my desire/ my love
can be fatal
to a wounded bird
your tough outer shell
does not stop me
I will wait patiently
my love for you to stick your
soft vulnerable head out
& with my sharpened quill & claws
slash through your jugular
gleefully watching
your body writhing & twitching
upon the floor
& I wonder if you
my love will come back
for more -

I am a saboteur
who has been
hiding in the shadows
waiting for the right moment
to pounce upon your flesh my love
& greedily suckle at your breasts
feeding upon your heart & soul
as the milky & bloodied
fluids which held you together
run down the back of my throat
I set my sites upon you my love
taking you into my confidence
wanting you / desiring you
as you begin to enjoy my caresses
I throw a grenade
destroying the illusion I created
as you my love drag your mangled
body out the door
I wonder what possesses me
feel a twinge of guilt
as I begin another
search & destroy mission -

by gordon coombes

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